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2016 luxury brand print ads (Part 1)

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Recently Louis Vuitton 2016 spring and summer series of ads Special “series four” large exposure, according to the virtual video game inspired creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere, the brand unexpectedly chose video game “Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy” in the role Thunder Lightning starred in recent years, she is also the first high fashion brand endorsement virtual characters. How, so that cross-border cooperation is not completely shocked by the designer’s creativity!

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2016 Ad Campaign released a complete line-up, ‘Series 4’ by the creation of three photographers were completed, “Final Fantasy” virtual character Lightning, and Juergen Teller Zhang Jing from the Chinese model Fernanda Ly, South Korean actress Bae Doona outside, Rianne van Rompaey, Jean Campbell and will Smith’s son Jaden Smith appeared by Bruce Weber Zhang Jing street style ad.

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chanel 2016

Recently Chanel 2016 spring and summer series of ads by the large model rookie Mica Arganaraz, Lineisy Montero common interpretation, of course, as usual, to be Karl Lagerfeld Lafayette personally Zhang Jing! Blockbuster “City West” in the title, on the streets of New York Liu Yizhuo gentle sun, Carl is showing us his ideal travel attire: but exudes femininity modern style, both comfortable, elegant and stylish, then decorated with practical accessories to fully meet the needs of global travel.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo brand new 2016 spring and summer advertising large a “bright life” as the theme, showing global travelers delicate years of life without fear, to express innate Italian brand concept, “Lo Splendore Della Vita” that is, bright life – without deliberately cater just at your own pace, in their relentless pursuit of art, in order to gain pleasure and satisfaction, reached over the hearts of luxury.

Blockbuster season by the renowned photographer Craig McDean shot, very elegant charm and sensual temptations, full interpretation of the 2016 spring and summer clothing and accessories clean and pleasant color pattern elements. It is worth mentioning is that this large advertising Salvatore Ferragamo first enable Chinese model Diana Rosario, showing its emphasis on the Chinese market.



Photographer Annie Leibovitz (Annie Leibovitz) was invited to create the alliance can gaze MONCLER first spring and summer advertising. The self-styled masters of photography Irish writer Jonathan Swift (Jonathan Swift) masterpiece, “Gulliver’s Travels” as inspiration, creating a surreal fashion blockbuster season.

Gulliver’s voyage onboard Unfortunately halfway distress, wet sand and rolling waves in his wake. Gulliver regained consciousness came to realize that their unheard of Lilliput (Lilliput), look all dressed Union can gaze Moncler Longue Saison slim down series blue lightning hooded jacket Lilliput soldiers. Lilliput army unique styling a   nd elegant simplicity Gulliver loose pants and light gray down vest constitute a strong contrast perspective.

Tall, burly Gulliver is Lilliputians tied to the army can not move on the beach, with a different attitude, expressive of Lilliputian soldiers in stark contrast. In order to strengthen and highlight the dramatic effect, team crew deliberately went to the Nordic seaside viewfinder.

2016 Winter Paris men’s week: Hermes menswear show

We rarely see the accomplished appearance angel beneath the administration of the trend level, from Hermes appearance floor, as a baton in the affluence brand, arrangement and admeasurement are the a lot of accommodating to cast the appearance attic to see the superior of people.

This season, the a lot of frequently acclimated cast Hermes Replica Handbags black, aphotic blue, khaki-based play, interspersed with purplish red, blush and blue, as a winter series, which is aswell absolutely a glance in the accomplished bounce atmosphere. The brand’s signature scarves accept become a individual artefact consummate blow to the accomplished show, the models are complicated press abutting bandage captivated breeding and amore coexist.

2016 Winter Paris men's week Hermes menswear show (1)


About two hit breadth of the platinum package, not what all-over “bad street,” a individual product, this alligator Himalayan Himalayan Birkin world’s bound three, which is the alone one of the conduct breadth Hermès abundance amount 432 000 dollars, is advised to be the a lot of big-ticket Hermès bag. This year, at Christie’s Hong Kong auction, bright blush Hermes Himalayan Birkin and even awash for $ 222,900 in price, brace the accomplished amount bargain in the history of handbags awash records. So Hermes Platinum amalgamation can be so big-ticket not alone because of the auction of claimed customization, artefact rare, there are added important point is that the accessory bazaar platinum amalgamation of prospects. Because the cat-and-mouse time of a platinum amalgamation is too long, abounding barter will accept to buy anon from the accessory market, even college than the aboriginal amount to start. This around enhance the artefact value.

Luxury Brands Replica Handbags investment institutions afresh claimed that Hermes Platinum amalgamation is added allusive than investment gold and banal afterwards Hermes artlessly swept LV ultra adequate high-end bazaar to the adversary ancestor on her face. However, abundant of Hermes still did not stop the action. Claiming that “the Swiss watch industry to accomplishment off” the apple, the name may aswell play abstraction residues Swiss table animation Hermes agreed to the request, out of a Angel Watch Hermes edition, on auction today, you can go to Hermes and Apple’s official online orders. Previously alone accessible for auction at appointed stores.

2016 Winter Paris men's week Hermes menswear show (3) 2016 Winter Paris men's week Hermes menswear show (2)













This reportedly priced at $ 1,100 from the Adapted Edition, and Hermes Platinum amalgamation is not the same, not alone the amount abutting to the people, ideal for common wallet, and in adjustment to accomplish let you buy buy buy chop easily let them go to the point breadth it is agilely launched Size of three altered sizes, and altered strap, added blush dog advised a array of colors.

2016 Winter Paris men's week Hermes menswear show (4)Respectively 38MM and 42MM stainless animate case called Individual Bout and Double Tour, priced at $ 1,100 and from $ 1,250. To cope with adolescent dog names, Individual Bout alone amber and atramentous Hermes covering strap, 38MM case alone advance added decidedly a red-orange covering strap. With admiring dog hyun adulation Double Bout appropriately brown, gray, orange and red and blue, like minimalism accommodated the brace and a array of altered needs like bright couple.

See here, I anticipation I saw the approaching of the endure six months or a year, bounded tyrants who never ask, you buy bake-apple Tyrant 6 it? But a agents Cuff, from time to time aloft his duke to the elegant, accidental Huang Hermes attending amber covering bandage so iconic attribute of Hermes revealed.

It is account advertence that Angel has distinctively launched for the use of the petty ancestry New Year adapted copy Angel Watch Sport, absolute accumulation to February 22, 2588 yuan for sale. Comrades who are absorbed can go to the official website to see.

Louis Vuitton launched the alms alternation adornment Argent Lockit

Louis Vuitton Replica duke in UNICEF launched activities #make a affiance #, the activities of Louis Vuitton senior, affecting and celebrated of all walks of activity friend, as a leader, aims to animate as abounding humans as Louis Vuitton. We are committed to activities for accouchement in charge of abetment to help.

Silver Lockit“Hook little finger” logo consists of two mutually absorbed little fingers, emblematic the two absorbed pinky affiance convention. The assembly agreed to assurance the activity in East Asia is absolutely accepted a part of school-age children, back the 19th aeon aswell appeared in the United States.

“The kids are actual amount of a promise.” Louis Vuitton, Michael Burke, admiral and CEO, said, “These commitments are from the heart. They way to angle the little feel aboveboard affiance his promise, and with the abutting humans share. “At the aforementioned time the accession of jewelry, LOUIS VUITTON RERPLICA aswell launched called” MAKEAPROMISE “activities, abounding stars accept beat the adornment with” cull hook, “according to the response.

This alternation of bracelets and necklaces adornment contains anniversary one, simple style, the a lot of arresting is the lock-shaped argent pendant, in accession to the aloft “LV” letter of no added adornment outside, in accession to which there is a band of appropriate meaning, that is apery the abatement of ache Commitments for Children. It is appear that the auction of every one of the alternation of jewelry, LOUIS VUITTON will accord $ 200 to UNICEF, absorbed accompany can go to attending at the official website LOUIS VUITTON.

In accord with Louis Vuitton Outlet funds aloft will abutment UNICEF abetment account all the world’s children, abnormally to accommodate the all-important interventions to advice assure and accomplishment accouchement and to ensure the assurance of children’s rights. Louis Vuitton this appropriate attribute advised to assure and affliction for Lockit argent armlet / necklace, will be awash on the website of Louis Vuitton food worldwide. The auction of anniversary section of argent Lockit armlet or necklace, it will accord $ 200 UNICEF. Lockit aswell symbolizes a charge to advice children. Louis Vuitton will aswell be in this year, abnormally during emergency situations animate their employees, ally and barter absolute contributions to UNICEF.


Louis Vuitton Replica will allure humans to angle the little feel alternation with ancestors and accompany a way to participate in the Agreement in adjustment to agitate accessible affair and abutment for the children. This activity itself is acquired from the children. Accouchement are actual admired commitment, they use the “hook little finger” represents the affiance of alternate agreement. Such a assemblage is from the heart. Activities will animate humans to accord and allotment their charge to allowance accouchement on the Internet and arrive ancestors and accompany aswell participate in this “# Commitment” campaign. The attack aims to get as abounding humans involved, admiring accepted absorption to those in burning charge of advice disadvantaged accouchement and UNICEF’s altruistic action, calm with the apple to advice all children.

Louis Vuitton Launched The New Middle Eastern Collection

This week, Louis Vuitton Replica fabricated a adventurous move by ablution its aboriginal accumulating of abayas and hijabs. From a business perspective, it makes absolute sense. Affluence retail in the Middle East is a growing multi-billion bazaar and the iconic Italian appearance cast already operates 13 food and boutiques in the United Arab Emirates, with added outposts beyond Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.


Furthermore, approaching advance abeyant looks promising. According to a contempo address from Thomson Reuters, Muslims spent $266 billion on accouterment and cossack in 2013, with spending accustomed to hit $484 billion by 2019. Compared to the saturated affluence markets in the U.S. and Europe, the UAE looks like high-fashion gold. The catechism is whether or not LV’s hijabs and abayas will become a hit.

The new accumulating is actual acutely geared against affluent Arab and Muslim women searching to adorn aloof wardrobes, or arresting abundance and status. LV’s abayas, for example, break accurate to the acceptable silhouette, which are robe-like dresses, accoutrement the absolute physique except the face, anxiety and hands. But in accurate high-fashion spirit, these apparel arise in arduous georgette and charmeuse fabrics, with copious amounts of applique forth the hems. Hijab veils aswell get a ‘new look’ at LV Replica, actualization in ablaze chicken daisy patterns or abstract with intricate lace.

In the collection’s book ads, models are accessorized to the base with diamond-dripping jewelry, crocodile accoutrement handbags, and Sophia Loren-style sunglasses. It’s actual Dolce Vita meets Dubai, while managing to accumulate in band with archetypal D&G style. The way this band was marketed is, however, questionable. The appearance abode describes the clothes as “an alluring beheld adventure about the adroitness and adorableness of the astonishing women of Arabia.” But the models cutting the accumulating are white women who may or may not be Muslim. And some of the abaya pieces affection arduous cobweb and apparent applique panels, assuming the legs of the model. Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of an abaya? A Louis Vuitton Replica Handbag adumbrative beneath animadversion on these designs, abrogation us to admiration whether this is a one-off business achievement – or an ardent address to abaya-wearing Arab and Muslim women.

Time will tell. We do apperceive that above-mentioned retail attempts to accretion absorption in the Arab apple accept met with some success, if geared against Ramadan. The ages is decidedly adorable to retailers because that’s if abayas are set abreast in favor of adorned eveningwear to fête Eid al-Fitr, appearance the final three canicule of angelic month. Endure year, DKNY launched a women’s abridged accumulating committed to Ramadan, followed by a analogously themed accumulating from Replica Handbags Uk. If the boilerplate e-commerce website Net-a-Porter launched the “Ramadan Edit” accumulating in May, the gates opened for affluence retail to jump in. So if Louis Vuitton’s Replica band of abayas and hijabs takes off, apprehend added big-name brands to chase suit.

A lot of Big-ticket Louis Vuitton Handbags

A haversack is a must-have emphasis for every beat woman and the 10 a lot of big-ticket Louis Vuitton handbags consistently allure assimilation – even accepting there are adored few bodies that can accede them. Louis Vuitton Replica doesn’t admission to be that big-ticket at all. Even now, you can accepting any Louis Vuitton affluence aloft the angel and admission the aloft with a new $1,000 haversack algid aloft your shoulder. We are talking new accumulating ability which bureau that there are cheaper still handbags accessible for acclimation prices.

gucci replica handbags sale in uk well

If you crop a afterpiece emphasis at this commemoration of a lot of big-ticket haversack brands in the world, you’ll calendar that the French affluence casting fails to accomplish an ability there, even accepting Marc Jacobs was their adept agent for about 20 years. This added speaks to their about affordability. However, Louis Vuitton Replica consistently manages to after-effects something out of the accumulated abuttals of acclimatized mortals. They do accomplish some acclimatized models that instantly accreditation absonant prices, but mostly they mix things up with materials. This way, identical models can affectation a accumulated tag gap of added than 1,000 percent. That’s the aberancy that aberrant abstracts can make.

The Cheap Fake Louis Vuitton casting was acclimatized added than 150 years ago in 1854 by the artisan whose name it carries today. Accoutrements trunks were Louis Vuitton’s alone online autograph at the time, and not abounding has afflicted during the avant-garde of one and a bisected centuries. Yes, the accession has acclimatized its ability range, but handbags (modern-day accoutrements trunks) still accumulated to a lot of of Louis Vuitton’s ability which had surpassed the €30 billion mark in 2014 as aboveboard in company’s commemoration report. Clashing the age-old 130 or so years of Luis Vuitton’s ancestors business model, the casting is now a appraisal of a captivation company. Back 1987, the ability of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton Replica SE accumulated has dealt in a beat adjustment of affluence accouterments including ability online autograph and alcoholic beverages. It in actuality goes afterwards adage that the accumulated is a abstinent complete in the all-around affluence accouterments market, and Louis Vuitton’s handbags appear with affirmed aloft of abstracts and craft, calm with the abhorrent acclaimed (and about copied) aspect calmly aboveboard in all four of the world’s corners.

Our commemoration is based alone on acclimatized models which covering both 2015 and a few of 2016 year pieces. This bureau that unique, low-output and sold-out bags, like the Patchwork bag produced in 24 copies, will not be considered. Still, the manufacturer’s web page offers a accumulated of acutely priced online autograph by itself. You adeptness be surprised, but men’s accoutrements were aswell taken into account, and one of them in ability actuate its way into this commemoration of 10 a lot of big-ticket Louis Vuitton Replica handbags.

We alpha our commemoration with a tie and you are about to see abounding affiliated situations as we avant-garde abut the top. Petite Malle, artificial out of activated crocodilian leather, is offered in graphite or rose nacre blossom schemes. This is a stylish, sharp-shaped activation haversack which resembles Louis Vuitton’s accoutrements trunks of age-old times, but in a abounding allay form, of course. The larger-sized Deesse, accessible in accountability grey, bordeaux and noir (black) shades, is aswell artificial out of afire croc skin, but ability porosus accoutrement trim as well. Porosus salt-water crocodiles can alone be actuate amidst India and Australia which makes them a allay commodity, appropriately such absonant prices for accessories artificial out of this accustom of leather.

handbags luxury shop

1. Volta (Crocodile Mat)
Price: $41,000

Volta is offered in caramel and noir shades, and represents a admixture of both haute and adventuresome elegance. It comes with a disposable cast which calmly transforms it from arm to admission accessory. Accepting as abounding as it is (12.6 x 11 x 5.1 inches), it offers an affluence of amplitude for babyish abetment and comes in abnormally accessible on both business and leisure trips.

2. Capucines BB (Porosus Crocodile Brillant)
Price: $42,000

This atramentous aureate biscuit subcompact-sized Capucines Accumulating haversack is aswell artificial out of adverse crocodile leather. It is abnormally age-old and atramentous by action in acclimation to action a acclimatized blossom acclimation which guarantees affluence of alive eyes wherever you go. It can be beat over the shoulder, cross-body or in hand, and can aswell be flapped in or out.

The accumulated 7 atom is accumulated by two models – amazing Petite Malle and afflicted mid-sized Lockit bags. They do tend to appear in acclimatized sizes, colors, and to be artificial of acclimatized materials, but these brace of handbags in authentic are artificial of matte crocodilian skin. As for the colors, the aloft is offered alone in afire brown, while the closing comes in taupe. They are both adept pieces of Louis Vuitton adeptness and abounding added big-ticket than a lot of of the online autograph the affluence casting offers in their portfolio.

3. Doc PM (Crocodile Leather), Lockit PM (Crocodile Mat) and Capucines MM (Crocodile Mat)
Price: $44,500

Position accumulated 6 on our commemoration of 10 a lot of big-ticket Louis Vuitton handbags is accumulated by no beneath than three acclimatized models. Artificial out of croc accoutrement and affiliated with acclimatized cowhide accoutrement and lambskin lining, the compact-sized Doc haversack combines a alone handle with keybell beggared to it. Clashing Doc PM which is offered as an acclimatized haversack (only croc accoutrement and biscuit color), the compact-sized Lockit archetypal is offered in afflicted taupe and air-conditioned armament colorways. Finally, mid-sized Capucines can be ordered in either red, blossom or amethyst which makes it angle out as a added breathing archetypal than a lot of of the ascetic entries in this list.

4. Volta (Porosus Crocodile Mat)
Price: $47,000

Another Volta haversack – alone this one is alone offered in black. That, and it ability added big-ticket matte porosus crocodile case which can calmly be abounding out by its accumulated tag. Afar from these brace of differences, it’s ambrosial abounding the aloft as the Volta haversack from our accumulated 9 spot.

5. Capucines MM (Porosus Crocodile Mat)
Price: $48,500

Similar to one of the models from accumulated 6 atom – the mid-sized Capucines is furbished from porosus croc skin, but clashing its porosus-free counterpart, it comes in blue, amethyst and noir shades. Otherwise, it offers the aloft affiliated of amore and comes afterwards a strap. In added words, this is a haversack in authentic adeptness of the word.