Arnica Handbags Of ETRO

Arnica handbag was born in 1984, in order to make the traditional materials of modern means radiance, which is Arnica for “New Tradition” perfect interpretation and presentation. Since birth, Arnica handbag launch new designs every season, derived from a variety of replica bags models except the handbag has become an integral part of the family ETRO highly regarded. Has any one Arnica, means that you already have the quality, utility and innovation.

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Each Arnica is an extremely beautiful masterpieces of Italian craftsmanship, as a symbol of the brand ETRO Paisley pattern is Arnica most important identity. Red, yellow, turquoise, olive green and ivory, five bright colors of cashmere line from the traditional preparation of machinery and technology, turned into a colorful texture of cotton. Thereafter, the printing surface before and after experiencing five handmade process until it is uniformly covered with a special resin coating; the back is attached to a layer of canvas printing, make even more tough and durable material. Really astonishing is that, not only on printing Arnica not because the passage of time and the increasingly bleak, conversely, because the printing surface of the PVC coating of replica handbags uk, the pattern will look more bright and moving; this is a timeless elegance will charm , the more Chen more alcohol.

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This series has a more abundant expression in the fall and winter 2015. The materials echo the season ETRO women from the interior design to draw inspiration, using vintage wallpaper and carpet pattern material and a lot of gold elements, highlights the luxurious interior design art style, but also more luxurious winter style.



Arnica replica handbags in the production process, each step by skilled Italian artisans hand-finished, while the number of Arnica handbag is even more limited quarterly ETRO commitment to quality, highlighting the top luxury Italian style. On current ETRO accessories and Mr. leather goods, furniture and textile series creative director Jacopo Etro said, “The real luxury is handicraft.”

Handbags News: Givenchy Brand-new Leather Handbag Snake Series

Which replica bags from the rare, its natural texture and unique distinctive scales so that each one becomes as advanced custom leather-like unique leather are filling every inch of luxury and elegance. Rare snake leather handbags produced artificially through hundreds of carefully polished to achieve its natural shine gloss, then carefully hand-cut and sewn screening molding, the final decolorization and spray-color process.


Givenchy Spring-Summer 2015 will be the new black and white color snake leather classic Givenchy replica handbags models with a variety of designs such as Lucrezia, Nightingale, Pandora Box and Pandora Pure, create a new visual feast. Black and white contrast is echoed spring and summer 2015 women’s collection in a strong and sexy.


Rare snake leather replica handbags uk 2015 spring and summer will be listed in the world’s major Givenchy boutiques and some fine department stores and specialty shops.

Longchamp LE PLIAGE Folding Bag Sale

Since Longchamp last year in China first launched Le Pliage folding package customization family money, causing the majority of consumers in hot pursuit and welcome. To meet the expectations of consumers folding Replica Handbags family personalized customized version of the new autumn and winter 2015 family Longchamp folding bag series tailored service re-start! This season, in addition to the continuation of LE PLIAGE folding bag outside the family classic models, on the material and color has been further upgraded and more choices.

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In terms of appearance, color, material or manufacturing process, the new season series are the most representative of a classic brand Longchamp bag models. The series design outline LE PLIAGE heritage iconic folded package, and in the material to break tradition, innovative selection of unique beauty Ortiz lambskin (Metis Leather), meets for the “collapse” of the design soul of demand, making leather package shall frivolous tough, smooth and easy to carry, not to mention the gorgeous new color each season after another, has always maintained both functional and varied fashion and design, so much sought after and favor of fashion insiders.

Longchamp Replica Handbags 2015 winter series upgrade again launched Le Pliage folding package customization service family, a total of eight different packages to choose from: from compact purse, cosmetic bag to classic skillet or short handle the package, even to travel bag. Selected package type, the more selectable color and the middle part of the main bag body bold hit color, this season is the newly added pebble gray, candy pink and ice blue. Pebble gray and pastel pink sugar to create a vivid design modeling, and cool and bright blue lit up the ice fall palette, intense, dynamic and vibrant colors make your bag more bright and lively, satisfy everyone the demand for different colors. You can also use the letters in the form of embroidery engraved or stamped in the package body, make you more distinctive folding bag, even you can create a unique travel packages. Is not the heart of it?


China, folding bag LE PLIAGE family customization services will on September 26 – October 30 in Beijing SKP layer Longchamp boutiques officially launched. More activities will be held November customized 1st – the 30th extended to Chengdu IFS Longchamp boutiques.Custom steps are very simple: First select the section of the package you want to customize (lam bskin folding bag, folding nylon bag), and then select the package type, as well as accessories after the selected Baoshen color, bold sway your creativity, and finally can also be Select engraved letters Wrap or cover the bag, leaving your exclusive mark, through a series of Replica Handbags Sale, customized version of the design is complete. In about eight weeks after the order is completed, you will be able to receive production from France Longchamp Segre Workshop Seiko complete specific to your lambskin bag is folded or folded package, through your personally designed, this package is unique! You’ll experience the fun involved in the creation, this is your exclusive luxury fashion experience!


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Bags Prada Iconoclast 2015 special limited release

Prada Replica Handbags The Iconoclasts project debut in China. Between April 23, 2015 to May 3 date, today’s most prestigious film and foresight three costume designers will take over the visual image of the design work of three Prada flagship store in Beijing. Earlier, these three groups have been involved in the designer stores are designed to work in London, Paris and New York, this, they will screen their unique style and costume modeling skills brought to Beijing.


Prada The Iconoclasts project debut in China. Between April 23, 2015 to May 3 date, today’s most prestigious film and foresight three costume designers will take over the visual image of the design work of three Prada flagship store in Beijing. Earlier, these three groups have been involved in the designer stores are designed to work in London, Paris and New York, this, they will screen their unique style and costume modeling skills brought to Beijing.

By then, Prada The Iconoclasts will launch a special limited edition bags, the perfect embodiment of the brand’s genetic heritage, in particular the product will be on sale in Beijing Wangfujing Intime Prada and Prada stores in88 Beijing SKP shop. Replica Handbags UK transparent transparent materials and luxury satin evening bag satin refined, modern full. It can also be hand shoulder, modern girl who is a dinner with the choice. Limited section of the package with “Prada Iconoclast 2015” label, four kinds of color options, each color limited edition two. Prada handbags pyramid pyramid Prada handbags classic reinterpreted with new material. Calfskin patent leather and Jacquard, continuing the series of simple and elegant styling features. Limited section of the package with “Prada Iconoclast 2015” label, three kinds of color options, limited 3.


Prada Boston Replica Handbags with nylon fabric and calfskin to create and use to fight or hide line design combines classic elements in modern style, and highlights the unique taste. Limited section of the package with “Prada Iconoclast 2015” label, limited edition two.

Prada Sound handbags Prada Sound handbag, calfskin patent leather material, modeling simple and the atmosphere, the details show. Limited section of the package with “Prada Iconoclast 2015” label, two kinds of color options, each color limited edition 3.

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Cambridge Pack Christmas Special Section

This year’s Christmas season, the Cambridge company will launch a series of new package of small pieces of leather accessories, including cosmetic Replica Handbags UK, wallets and iPad cases. All products are 100% manufactured in the United Kingdom, this new series features a total of 12 different single product. Last year, the company debuted a Cambridge pack small pieces of leather accessories, and to great acclaim. Brand product research and development team is committed to improve and enhance product quality and functionality, in order to ensure that different consumers can find their favorite products. The new product line will be available in October, with classic red, navy blue, black, matt dark red and pink to choose from. The series also apply with metallic silver and gold for a touch of glamor gift products. Each product has a soft texture edge fiber package, giving a sense of luxury. Each product is carefully packaged with a Christmas gift, a holiday gift of choice.


Brand, as always, to provide customers with embossed lettering services, whether in the shop or retail shopping can enjoy the service. Let each one small bag and accessories have become the exclusive owner of the thing, it is the best gift this Christmas custom. The series will be landing in October online store, the store is also on sale four: London, Cambridge, Glasgow and is located in London’s Seven Dials new men’s merchandise store.

This long section of the wallet with a removable wrist rope, can be used after disassembly clutch, it can be used as daily necessities storage bag placed in the Replica Handbags. Built-in zipper design ensures that coin will not fall out, in addition to six card slot and bill proprietary partition, so you can place the invoices in good order and banknotes. This red, pink, navy blue, black, matte crimson, gold and silver are available.

Passport holder can protect your passport while traveling. Which makes passport passport holder, whether to expand or fold, can be conveniently placed. There is also an extra passport holder can hold your boarding pass pocket. This red, pink, navy blue, black, matte crimson, gold and silver are available. Trip, travel wallet can well save your important files. Zipper design can ensure the safety of cash, which at the same time there are four separate purse pocket can be placed separate boarding passes, tickets and banknotes lines. Magnetic belt buckle very design sense, but to protect security documents. This red, pink, navy blue, black, and matte dark red to choose from. 1 iPad protective sleeve can snap inspired leather small handbag, this design can well protect the iPad from wear and tear. iPad has a navy blue protective cover, matte crimson, gold and silver to choose from, while Mini iPad protective cover has a matte navy blue and dark red to choose from. Cambridge founder and CEO Julie Deane package frequent trips out of the way to find different data lines are often intertwined, in order to solve this thorny problem, she personally designed this data line package. Data line package can protect your battery and charging converter when traveling. Simple compact rectangular shape does not occupy too much trunk space. This pink, red, navy blue, black and matte dark red to choose from.

Cosmetic perfect solution cosmetic storage problems, and on the go or on the road is very easy to carry. Neutral design not only suitable for women also applies to men’s Replica Bags . Which hav