188 Hermes handbags will debut in New York at Christie’s first auction of luxury handbags

Replica Luxury handbag after becoming the new choice of jewelry and artwork alternative investments, the famous British auction house Christie’s did not want to miss this new growth point. According to the US website WWD reports, December 11, Christie’s auction of fake luxury handbags will debut Rockefeller Center in New York. According to the company estimates, the auction turnover will reach $ 3.6 million (excluding buyers premium section).

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According to reports, this event beat Quantity total of 223, including 188 from the French luxury brand Hermès, 17-parts from French luxury brand Chanel replica, 11-parts from American luxury brand Judith Leiber, 6-parts from French luxury brand Louis Vuitton replica uk, 1 pieces from the Italian luxury brand Valextra. Many of them as rare treasures handbag: a 32 cm-long Himalayan crocodile replica Kelly bag (valued up to $ 70,000), a 35 cm-long alligator amethyst platinum package (valued up to $ 150,000). Customized services Hermès exclusive high-end customers include Birkin bag, Kelly bags and other classic styles of personalized design, such as neon stitching leather.

Christie’s New York auction of replica handbags sale that the company is increasing its investment in the handbags category. US handbag specialist Caitlin Donovan called the handbag collection is a female-centric category. She added: “Jewelry auctions and other categories, although female participation but not substantially auction trading and auction bidder I think the industry should seek a woman willing to actively participate in trading category..” Donovan did not disclose the involvement handbag auction The exact proportion of men and women, but she confirmed that women account for the majority. She believes that in order to attract a wide range of handbags auction auction crowd, they have entry-level collectors Birkin bag also has a collection of numerous professional collectors.

June 1 Christie’s Hong Kong handbag auction a purple Hermes Replica Handbags UK Platinum package price of $ 222,900 refresh handbags sold records at Christie’s company held its first handbag live auction in Hong Kong since November 2014 after the category achieved arrogance human performance. Thereafter they were held twice in Hong Kong and Paris, especially this year on March 9 in Paris auction, turnover is expected to reach twice. In addition, the company also held a number of handbags online auction and set up online boutiques.

Although cheap replica handbag auction fashion closely, but Donovan noted that in alternative investments and other aspects of the mentality that category and works of art, jewelry and watches category actually have a lot in common. Replica Bag entire industry output value up to $ 3 billion, the investment value significantly. Similar watches, jewelry, rare items and handicrafts, worldwide demand determines the estimated price handbags. For this reason, Hermès limited supply chain determines the brand has become the darling of the secondary market. Limited Chanel Replica and Louis Vuitton Replica catwalk models also have a very high investment value.

But with jewelry and other traditional auction category it is different, the former owner of the information will not be disclosed to handbags and bidders. Donovan said that even if the former owner of the prestigious replica handbag itself will not make value-added, because most of the handbag auction ten items of basic guarantee of fineness. Learned that the handbags, jewelry auctions legend exhibition will be held on December 4 – December 10, Christie’s auction explanation dazzling jewelry exhibition will be arranged after the auction.

Gucci Creative Director Is Eligible For International Designer Award

2017 spring series has just announced a big show floor in London GUCCI OUTLET, but recent double celebration, the British Fashion Awards 2015 recently announced the international designer award granted GUCCI creative director of Alessandro Michele, the awards ceremony will be held next Monday is November 23.


Alessandro, graduated from the world’s top universities Rome Fashion College. His early career began Fendi, where he served as senior accessories Designer Replica Handbags. Great potential as a designer, he was Tom Ford in 2002 to hire, and is located in the Department of Design work began in London in Gucci. Gucci Design Replica Handbags in 12 years of work experience, Alessandro held various responsibilities. In 2006 he was appointed creative director of the leather sector, in May 2011 and was promoted to deputy creative director Frida Giannini.


The US market, this year sought after Hermes Handbags UK heat weakened. Last year, Hermes Handbags Sales in the United States rose 15 percent, but in the first three quarters of this year, sales increased by only 7%. In Asia Pacific, sales growth is very slow. Although Japanese sales reached the highest ever, but because of exchange rate fluctuations, net profit compared to a year earlier but lower. However, Hermes Outlet position in the luxury family has still very stable, we often see in other brand sales have come down, but still increased Hermes Handbags.

Hermes Handbags platinum package, scarves, and other sales continued to maintain a good classic design. In addition, the new creative director Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski clothing design is also a good response. Sales grew by 12%. For budding director, this is undoubtedly a good sign.

The Best Lover Of Hanbbags For Cara And KK

Replica Bags believe that everyone indispensable must-have item, girls love bags as water is to fish on the line. Whenever dress up with a good body bags do not know with what, now recommended for everyone Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne favorite bag, absolute cure the patient package “cure all diseases.


See in Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne out to the streets with a bag easy to see their favorite choice in the section of the package, in fact, are biased in favor of basic, practical models, there is not much exaggerated design, we are ordinary people can accept style, look at your favorite package there and supermodel who, like you, or want to invest in the next section of the package lists.

For the baby, Cara Delevingne Mulberry is simply to love, not only to speak but also to launch cooperation in the designer replica handbags, this cooperation shall Backpack is most vividly themselves, whether it is carrying, holding very nice. Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld much-loved supermodel Cara Delevingne, how can less support for Lafayette it? Whether it is practical large capacity bag or plush Funny little monster, Cara good show different styles of Fendi availability.

Chanel Outlet course, can not forget the classic Chanel black and white color of good and elegant, imagine with casual style must be very handsome; Cara also for our demonstration, long clip can also be used as clutch Oh! Coach Replica who shoot advertising Karlie Kloss, privately love with the Coach, in addition to large capacity bag, the small shoulder bag is quite often the use of her style, simple outline Coach will be very suitable for KK’s style. Karlie Kloss for large bags of pet can be described as invincible ah. This does not breath as we demonstrate different styles and materials with a large bag handsome.

If you love retro, might be a like Karlie Kloss with this Louis Vuitton antiquities, though, and now Monogram has the same colors, but Vintage leather Replica handbags used lines, and classic styles, are new products can not be incomparable charm. Céline smiley package has been enduring as the It bag, which is not carrying this bag Kendall Jenner took to the streets several times, but she also has more than one color, whether it is casual or extravagance, or even a little character clothing, and The parcel will take up Jiong face, Kendall Jenner found this package to help us practicability really high!

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Boys Fall And Winter Constellations Bag With Different Recommendations

Have a partner, there is naturally love life blessing, but at the time not yet reached fate, always need a person’s life for a while. During this window period and the other half coming to you for years, you have to live wonderful, nice comfortable, so that, in ta reach your side, you give ta is a more perfect self. Fire represents a positive force, warm and bright, there is expansion of Cheap Replica Handbags, but the enthusiasm to come and go quickly, and lack of stability. Single fire sign for people who do not seem bothered, because they usually life has been enriched enough vacancies affect the other person is not large. Just enjoying life, but peace of mind to wait for the arrival of the other half of it.


Aries straightforward, dare to dare, energetic, and activists belonging to the sword and the shoe is anxious Xia Bank, explorers. Things sloppy, never sloppy. Even if they are single, they do not make their own flies bored holes, can be found everywhere in life fun. In the selection of the private property, the design of clear, tough style atmosphere most suddenly hit his heart. Leo can be said that among the 12 constellations of the most honorable king, Leo, confident enthusiasm, and the extraordinary, like being the center, fancy prestige, very care about what others think of him, and refused to admit defeat. Even the single, will have plenty of Replica Handbags UK self-confidence to believe that the other half being trot toward him. In the selection of the private property, must be well-known enough to attract his attention, he was recognized as the best will be accepted.

Optimistic, cheerful, active mind and pure shooter is most unusual way to go sign, they are difficult to worldly fetters kidnapped, willing to accept new things, energetic, full of desire to explore the world. In emotional terms, Sagittarius come and go, lovelorn singles for them is not a big deal, a nice happy comfortable is king. In the selection of the private Chanel Replica, Sagittarius will interesting innovative design and solid durable quality seen as important.

It is no ordinary headphones, but the set of smart music player, headphones HiFi big headphones and wearable device in one of the new digital stuff, but also provides 32G large memory, 3G and Wi-Fi, containing integrated sensing device , artificial intelligence and Internet social networking features such as outdoor light motion provides a great experienceof choose one good Replica Handbags Sale. Iodoo almost playful Sagittarius tailored same.

Gucci Launched A New Digital Creative Projects GUCCIGRAM

Today, Gucci Replica Handbags respected spiritual influence of popular culture “shortcut”, especially the wonderful combination of traditional and contemporary. The spirit in the latest release of Gucci Blooms and Gucci Caleido series has been a perfect show, classic GG logo is covered with floral and geometric patterns, very modern atmosphere. This classic totem fashion innovation comparable to the master paintings today, Gucci Replica creative play this more thoroughly, launched #GucciGram project, invite artistic talent from around the world, illustrator and creator of the image, whether it is industry celebrities, Rising Star, or is it located between two unrelenting advance of creators – for Gucci Blooms and Gucci Caleido totem creation.333

Its unfettered creative freedom, many people responded to the invitation to creative director Alessandro Michele (Alexandria ∙ m open grounds) to Gucci‘s new printing inspired, elaborate mirage hearts with highly personalized style. Many creators are presented Blooms and Caleido two kinds of totem mix, sometimes in harmony, sometimes unobtrusive. Some digital creative enthusiasts into the design of well-known paintings, while others join cartoon characters, animation or information surreal ironic. Thus was born a wide range of Replica Handbags Sale culture outbreak – provocative elements, entertainment element and humorous elements often appear.

Some designers have a certain reputation, as Kalen Hollomon (already do in Paris Colette had solo exhibitions), Noah Kalina (book “Cabin Porn” has become a New York Times bestseller) and Amalia Ulman (whose works recently in London Frieze display), while others are insignificant designers such as Chris Rellas (), a 19-year-old American student. However, all the designers have been numerous concerns on Instagram.

To display these works, Gucci Handbags launched a mini website gucci.com/gucci-gram. The website published an introductory text from Brooklyn, technology and culture writer Kyle Chayka and written evaluation of the work of other critics. These works of art will also be on social media platforms Gucci show.